How's Erica

;TLDR Given her circumstances, She's doing great!

2am Friday - Erica wakes up with a throbbing headache. Tries to get out of bed and falls down.  "It hurts so fcking bad, I'm having a stroke" were probably the last words she uttered. She goes unconscious. 

Intubated in the ER and the CTA  reveals: 

Likely a metastatic tumor started bleeding  with a 16mm shift. 

The latest: She's breathing on her own (although still intubated) is responsive and can follow commands. Hooray! 

The plan is to pull the breathing tube and ventricular (brain) drains tomorrow. Yay!

She's doing remarkably well. I'll keep you updated. 

About the site: Erica has TONS of friends and family that love her need to know how she's doing without being subject to a 100 person group message. Facebook isn't the answer either. Although this is a 'public' website/url only you know how to get here and unless anyone shares this on facebook or twitter it'll remain relatively private. 

You can subscribe for new posts and comments. This site doesn't have any analytics (so you won't suddenly start getting targeted ads for chemotherapy drugs) and I won't sell out your email address. 

I thought this is best way to coordinate and communicate among all of Erica's many disparate and diverse group of friends and family that have nothing else in common with the exception that we all love her dearly. 

forgive the domain ( It was another project I was working on once upon a time. It was already up and running so I'm using it.